Red Moonstone Honey Bee Bracelet

Red Moonstone Honey Bee Bracelet


Each EvaDane piece is made from unique materials ensuring your bracelet is one of a kind. Slight variations in the beads may occur due to the natural aspects of the element. This EvaDane Red Moonstone bracelet soothes worry and anxiety, encourages loving energy while bringing out the best in the wearer. The Honey Bee charm represents community, power and balance. Your bracelet radiates this pure energy based on the metaphysical properties locked deep within its materials.

A portion of the proceeds from the purchase of this bracelet will be donated to Planet Bee, a non profit dedicated to the conservation of Honey Bees.

One third of every bite you take is made possible by pollinators. Honey Bees in particular pollinate a vast amount of our food crops. Honey Bees are crucial to the survival of 90% of flowering plants that rely on pollinators. Many contributing factors, including disease, certain farming practices and climate change are causing Honey Bee populations to plummet at an alarming rate - their numbers have declined by the billions since 2006.

Metal Finish:
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  • Each EvaDane bracelet includes an informational card explaining the meaning of your charm and stone

  • All EvaDane bracelets are handcrafted in the USA and arrive in a high quality jewelry box

  • Metal components are composed of a lead and nickel free alloy which may discolor with time

  • We offer a large variety of stones, charms and finishes to fit your unique style