Use Your Box

Keep your EvaDane jewelry looking like new by storing it in the decorative box when you are not wearing it. The box will protect the natural stone or wood from being chipped, scratched or cracked, as well as slow the oxidation process of the metal alloy.

The Charm & Other Metal Components

Our charms are offered in your choice of gold or silver plated alloy. All of our components are lead free and compliant with the EU nickel content standard. Due to the nature of the gold and silver metal alloy, the metal components may discolor with time and wear. To clean, gently rub the front and back of the charm with a jewelers cloth or a soft polishing cloth. We do not recommend you use any chemical substance as this may remove the antique finish and disturb the coloration of the metal.

Additional metal findings in your piece are composed of a lead and nickel free alloy metal and may discolor with time and wear. To clean, follow the same instructions as directed for the charm.

Wearing Your EvaDane Jewelry

We hope you love your piece of EvaDane jewelry as much as we do. Because it is handmade from fine quality materials, we suggest you do not wear it in water or expose it to household cleaners, lotions, sprays, or other hair/beauty products due to the chance of abrasion and/or discoloration.